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We need to provide the flexibility of existing regulations and provide maximum protection against the contractual counterparties. MacRaild. The ability to understand legal concepts and utilize this understanding to construct an elucid, structured understanding of the way they operate in the real world is an important capability for any corporate lawyer to master.

Part II. A college degree in history can be an excellent starting point to develop this. Front Matter. 7. Methods of studying history Sources, methods, and historians. Reading a lot! Jeremy Black, Donald M. The ability to digest and comprehend massive amounts of information is a different talent that I picked up and developed in my time as a student of history. MacRaild.

When you work in the law field, there’s plenty of information you have to absorb and comprehend so that you can give assistance or fulfill your job in an transaction. Concepts and theories. The information may be in the form of legislation new regulations as a trial bundle, the accumulation of documents to be reviewed in due diligence. Jeremy Black, Donald M. In whatever department you choose to be in you’ll always have many books to learn. MacRaild. University studies in history give you lots of practice in this. Part III.

Ability to read quickly while taking in the facts is an essential talent for an corporate lawyer. Front Matter. 8. The study of the past. And also, reading smart …..

Jeremy Black, Donald M. As a historian, you don’t go through books in entirety. MacRaild. You don’t even go through the whole reading list.

History of writing (i) Essay. Perhaps, at the very least, you aren’t. Jeremy Black, Donald M. If you do: immediately stop! MacRaild. It is important to be selective when reading in order to discover the most beneficial arguments and evidence for the essay you are writing about. History of writing (ii) The dissertation.

This helps speed up the writing process and allows you to think about the significance of each source in the final piece. Jeremy Black, Donald M. This is a crucial quality to have as corporate lawyers. MacRaild. Lawyers charge per hour and clients would like to know value for their money (hence value for money!).

History tests. Being cautious in your research to maximize your time in reputable sources and getting right to the heart of an argument swiftly are abilities that will be important throughout your time as corporate lawyers. Jeremy Black, Donald M. If you’re required to discover the details of the three fifty-page rulings on the notion of "reasonableness" within an hour you’re not able to read each word of them. MacRaild.

9. Afterword. Teamwork. Jeremy Black, Donald M. In my history degree , we had to work on a variety of projects in conjunction with other students. MacRaild. It’s cliché to say that, but any job that allows you the chance to practice working as a part of a team can help you acquire abilities that are essential to be a successful corporate lawyer. Back the matter. Solicitors most of the time often work in teams.

What is in this book. The teams can vary in size from a small group of five people to a team with over 100. The study of History The Studying History, a significant new publication by two practicing historians, gives students an uncluttered and complete overview of the thriving area of historical inquiry. The ability to work with different kinds of people is crucial.

The book is divided into three sections covering historiography, methodology , and the study abilities It was the first publication that integrates an analysis of the philosophy and the practice of history , along with practical advice for how to approach the subject in a more effective way. It’s not common to be working at university with your classmates. The study of History is a perfect introduction to A-level and undergraduate historians, as it contains the most essential and up-to-date information in a simple and practical method. Being able to communicate instructions as well as take instructions are two of the skills which all corporate lawyers need regardless of whether you’re either a trainee or a partner. Keywords. As a trainee , I receive a lot of instructions on the work I should be doing but in the case of pro bono work, it is common for trainees to are given the responsibility of leading and are then the one who is instructing others.

Access concept dance historiography and historical background of literature methodology writing on subject matter. The practice of these skills at the college will place you in good standing prior to getting a job in every law company. Information about the writers. 10.

Writer Jeremy Black: Jeremy Black is Professor of History at the University of Exeter, UK. Public speaking. He is an authority in earlier Modern British and Continental European history, and has a special attention to international relations as well as historical military, press, as well as historical atlases. As a historian, I discovered that I was taught how to speak in public two different settings including tutorials and seminars. An accomplished historian, he writes more than sixty books and more than 12 edited volumes.

Both of them help develop public speaking skills in various ways. Editing the series of Palgrave Macmillan: British Studies, Social History in Perspective, European History in Perspective and Palgrave Essential Histories. They are both extremely helpful for working as corporate lawyers. Autor Donald M. In a class, you will learn how to present your ideas to a bigger audience. MacRaild: Donald M. You must speak clearly and engagingly, else you’ll lose the attention your audience members. Macraild is Professor of History at Northumbria University, UK. As a corporate lawyer , the ability to communicate an audience can increase in importance as you get more senior However, it’s an essential skill when you are an under-skilled solicitor.

He has published a number of articles on Irish immigration history and the nineteenth century in Britain and is the Series Editor of the Palgrave Macmillan’s Theory and History series. As a student I’ve presented at graduate recruitment events , and even before customers! Learning Today and Then. In a course, you will learn to speak clearly in a more intimate setting and even with only yourself and an academic.

A few days ago I was ushered into a class at my high school to sit down for my final exam for United States History IV. You’ll need to prove your opinion and present your argument convincingly when you are asked to defend your views. I had tried my usual determination to get through the night before, and had typical results that were not great. This is commonplace in law firms.

I only managed to get to page 75 of a textbook that was 400 pages long. Partners or Associates will assign you a task , and your answers will be reviewed and challenged to determine if whether they’re legal and based on. My studying habits during high school, clearly were messy However, during college I’ve attempted to improve my note-taking study, and test-taking techniques.

It is essential to prove that you’ve thought about your answer to its legal foundations. The first thing I did to improve during college was note-taking. Your argument needs to be cohesive and your interpretation should be clear and precise as in any good historical essay. I used to take notes during high school but often lost interest in comparison to my note-taking during college. Summary of LEGAL Careers for History Graduates. Note-taking for high-school classes typically began with drawing Martians or thinking about how my signature would appear as if I got married to the guy on that second row.

If you’re a historian graduate (or an aspiring student) I hope this blog has provided you with an notion of how the abilities you’ve developed can be used in the realm in commercial law. Today I try to not lose my focus and then return my thoughts to focus once they begin to get blurred. Indeed, many law students have studied history prior to becoming interested in legal professions. When I was in high school, the notes frequently looked like they were composed in Arabic. History is a broad field and if you’re considering possibilities for your future following graduation, you must seriously look into a law career.

Since college, I’ve learned how to write in a semi-print style which makes my notes more easily understood. As I read my notes from high school I didn’t know what they were. Access to free online European History Courses from Top Universities. There would be a phrase such as "Reconstruction," then a huge blank, then "important. " After a few weeks, I still didn’t know what "reconstruction" was, or why it was crucial. If you’re looking to know more about Greece in to the Bronze Age through the classical period, or you’re looking to learn more about the 18th century, you can take a online course that will help you expand your knowledge. I’ve since learned how to record ideas that connect regardless of whether I have to take the time to do it in the evening after class. The best part is that the courses are completely free!

Making notes is something I’ve mastered better since my time in high school. The European history courses are free. Another aspect I needed to pay attention to was my approach to studying.

There are a variety of on-line European History courses offered free by the top five institutions: Yale University, the University of Massachusetts Boston, Open University, UC Berkeley, as well as Utah essays State University. The normal way of studying in the course is another area where I’ve made improvements. Yale University.

In high school, the reading assignment was something I allowed to slide. Despite its image as expensive Ivy League school, Yale is not a stranger to sharing the information it has available for free. Get a custom-written essay on Studying Today and Then with a plagiarism report for free.

In the book Introduction to Ancient Greek History, get an understanding of Greek during its Classical Era and before.

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