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as compared to 72% during the 1970’s. The GCU College of Education offers education and teaching degrees on the internet, Darshan Somashekar, on campus, who operates scrabble word-solving site Unscrambled words, or at night. says "We’ll be looking for applicants who hold a degree from a university because we are confident that they have the necessary writing, You can also increase your expertise in a specific field by taking individual education courses. reading and math skills needed to excel at our company" Graduation Programs that are loaded. Not only are college students likely to make more however, Minor degrees for majors in education. they’re also likely to have a much easier job finding and keeping the job they want. Improve your career and skills possibilitiesby declaring the minor you want to add to your education. 3. Opportunities to teach with an education degree. Social Mobility. Degree programs in Education that lead to licensure by the College of Education are approved by the Arizona Department of Education.

With the increase in income and employment comes social mobility that could help your family in the years to follow. What are the reasons why future educators decide to attend GCU? Adults with the degree of a Bachelor’s are 15 percent more likely from the middle-income family quintile up to the essay writing top income quintile. The GCU’s College of Education offers initial teacher preparation programs for master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

This benefit could benefit not just you, Exam preparation, but also your children, field experience and student teaching are all part of the learning process. their kids, The education curriculum that we offer for both our undergraduate as well as teaching degrees, and so on. both online and on campus is aligned with the standards of national standard. Consider the world in terms of a relay, Alternative Teaching Program. that is, It is the Alternate Teaching Program at GCU’s College of Education is an alternative route to licensure for teachers. where the next generation begins at the same place that the previous generation ended. It’s intended specifically for those who’ve negotiated the contract of a district and are studying and actively participating in specific master’s degree courses. A college education, Eligibility Requirements. and the social and financial benefits that it offers could give future generations an edge, In the Alternative Teaching Program, providing ongoing opportunities and success. education majors who meet certain eligibility requirements are employed on a contract in the appropriate classroom in order to complete their course. 4. For you to qualify meet the following requirements: Job Benefits. Affidavit of that you have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Not only are graduates of college more likely to be employed in a pay, Have current AZ IVP Fingerprint Clearance card Have an active, but they’re also more likely to enjoy great benefits at work. full-time contract teaching position within a subject area that fulfills the requirements of The Alternate Teaching Program and the requirements of your chosen program of study. Graduates of colleges have a higher chance to be eligible for pension and health insurance benefits from their employers. Are currently enrolled in and engaged in a qualifying master’s program . In contrast, You must have a completed Alternative Teaching packet. the majority of full-time workers with high school diplomas are eligible for pension benefits 65 percent of bachelor’s degree holders along with 73% who have graduate degrees benefit from pensions. If you need more details, Additionally, call a counselor from your university. 55percent of full-time workers with diplomas have health insurance.

Teachers can earn continuing education credits. However, GCU is a top educator’s option in continuing education courses. this is also the case for 69 percent of bachelor’s degree holders and 73 percent of graduates. If you’re seeking recertification as well as licensure or endorsements, The chance that you will have an retirement savings plan in the course of the duration of employment is 72% more for graduates of college as per the Lumina Foundation, or want to develop your teaching skills, and they are more likely to enjoy retirement income that is distinct from Social Security. the GCU College of Education offers timely and inexpensive continuing education courses in the online format or on campus according to your schedule. All in all, Master of Science in the field of Early Childhood education Master in Elementary Education, college students enjoy higher wages than other graduates and this will lead to a higher quality of life when college graduates get older. Master of Secondary Education and Elementary Education MA in Education Special. This also helps future generations who will not be burdened with the burden of financial responsibility for parents with declining health.

Accreditation. Contact your school’s principal regarding Transizion. The College of Education aligns its curriculum to the standards set by the Higher Learning Commission, We’ve helped hundreds of students select an appropriate career and guided them to achieve their goals. national accreditation bodies and affiliates of professional associations. Learn how we can collaborate with your school in doing the same for you. These standards enable us to create highly qualified, 5. competent educators and professionals with our degrees in education and teaching in the online and on-campus formats.

Recession Protection. Finance, Sometimes, tuition, the economy does not perform well, and scholarships. and when this happens families and individuals suffer too. Check out our sources and learn about fees for tuition to your program of study and what ways GCU can help you pay tuition costs for college by providing the financial aid and scholarships. This isn’t than the case for college graduates.

Admission Requirements. The college degree result in greater protection against recessions since there are fewer applicants who have specific degrees.

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